In 2022, the gambling market will see a lot of changes. Moreover, these changes will be mostly positive. In this article, we have collected the key points that can greatly affect the modern gambling industry and will definitely change online casinos forever.

More mobile casinos will appear on the market

More recently, the operators of some online casinos have published data according to which more than half of the customers of virtual gambling establishments use mobile devices for entertainment. In 2022, this number will only grow, as will the amount of time that owners spend on smartphones. In addition, the number of official sites where it will be possible to download an application for online casinos bypassing Google Play will increase, as well as the number of mobile versions of slot machines from popular developers.

Cryptocurrency will be used more often

As you know, crypto is capturing more and more markets, opening up incredible prospects for the development of the gambling industry. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum will receive the largest share of digital payments on gaming sites.

But why do customers prefer this type of payment? As a matter of fact, the reason is its simplicity and anonymity, as well as the lack of banking and government control and fees. In fact, there are currently hundreds of online casinos and bookmakers that accept Bitcoin and other cryptos. However, most sites are still waiting for permission from legal entities to integrate cryptocurrency payments. It is likely that hundreds of companies will receive these permits in 2022.

VR games will become of better quality and more optimized

VR casino games will become much better quality and will gain many new fans. However, global changes in this area should not be expected: technologies do not allow achieving super results so far. For example, recently a company NetEnt presented several prototypes of virtual reality games for online casinos, but these prototypes still need to be improved. In addition, there were no particularly successful VR casino projects in 2021, and most players still prefer to play classic slots and card games.

More countries will legalize gambling venues


Thanks to the introduction of cryptocurrency into the online casino sphere, new countries with an audience of thousands of potential players will enter the market. For example, online gaming is already actively recruiting players in previously closed Taiwan and some other countries. On the other hand, since many countries are justifiably afraid of losing tax profits, some of them will still tighten legislation in this direction.

Global changes in classic slots

In 2022, Mason Slots and other casinos will increase the number of slots that use elements of traditional online games (RPG, simulators, strategies, and others) will increase. These slots will have a well-developed plot and graphics, carefully selected sound effects, the ability to construct buildings, create characters, and even accumulate points, which in some cases can be exchanged for prizes. The most popular will be free video slots and sites containing demos of popular slot machines. The developers are well aware that now online gamblers are looking for an alternative to classic slots, in which you just need to press a button and hope for luck. Thus, they’ve decided to make a total conversion of the current casino market to attract more customers.

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